Welcome to Ashland University 居住生活!

When you live on campus, you’re in the midst of all the action — from in-hall activities to concerts and guest lectures— so, it not only feels easier to take part in those events, 这样更容易. You’re also closer to classrooms, facilities such as the Rec Center, and most of the students who will become your friends, study partners and support network. 与此同时, you benefit from having around-the-clock security, free maintenance 服务s and numerous resources nearby. Those latter benefits allow you to focus entirely on life-enhancing pursuits and academics, which may be why students who live on campus traditionally perform better in the classroom than their off-campus peers.

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The 居住生活 Office is committed to creating a welcoming community that promotes learning, 服务, 公民身份, diversity and integrity. We are also committed to making continuous improvements and to maintaining a safe living environment that is conducive to all students’ development.

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Diversity Statement

The 居住生活 Office is committed to maintaining a welcoming environment that fosters dignity, care and respect. At Ashland University, 我们的价值, support and educate our residents across differences while seeking unity.

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